My SHINee Japan 1st Album: The First [Regular, Limited Edition, and Limited Edition Special Box]

{REGULAR Edition}
Front Cover
Bonus track : Stranger
Back Cover (tracklist)
only contains one part, CD + Photobook
The CD
the reason why i have to buy this version/edition: bonus random photocard (and the B4 poster) And I got Taemin again --" (I got Taemin too from Lucifer japanese album)




{LIMITED Edition}

Front Cover

Back Cover (tracklist)

It contains three parts: Photobook, Twintray (CD+DVD), and Calendar (Desktop Calendar)

Twintray (DVD+CD)

Desktop Calendar. Err at first i wasnt sure what 'desktop calendar' is, but i thought its something with 'normal' size okay. thats why when i finally see these, i only said "WHAT THE HELL SMent (or EMI??)

-____________-". its so.. geez i dont even know what to do with that

Photobook. Just a common photobook with jacket album (for me its so low-budget. all of SHINee japanese albums are low-budget tbqh :|) and lyrics

I bought them here:

and if you are asking where the hell the Limited Edition Special Box is.............. SORRY THE ALBUM HASNT ARRIVE YET orz. I bought the album in different online shop because of a reason. and thats a secret kekeke. So, thats it. my first -REAL- update in 2012 ^^;;

annyeong ^^ /bows

^taemin's priceless expression omayo how i love this kid

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