Korean Thanksgiving Day: CHUSEOK

ANNYEONGHASEYO~~~~!!! Happy Chuseok everyone~!!:D um for K-POPer i am sure you have heard "Chuseok" a lot. Because when chuseok there are a lot of special chuseok programs and ofc our oppars are there heheh. but what exactly chuseok is? These are some informations that i got from yesterday INDREA CLUB's Culture Class and i also did some reasearch :p

Chuseok (추석) is one of the biggest holiday in Korea besides Seollal (New Year’s Day) and Dano (the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar year).  It is like thanksgiving day or harvest festival and held on the autumn. This celebration is too thank the ancestors for the harvest. To celebrated Chuseok Day korean people got three-day holiday. They go to their hometown to spend times together with their family. (Sounds like our moslem biggest celebration right?:p)

Well then what things Korean do on the Chuseok Day? On Chuseok morning, family members gather at their homes to hold memorial services called Charye (차례) in honor of their ancestors. Also they visit ancestral graves during Chuseok. This is known as Seongmyo (성묘). During this visit, family members remove the weeds that have grown around the graves in the summer season, a practice which is called Beolcho (벌초).

On this week INDREA CLUB Culture Class, we also got opportunity to wear Korean Traditional Clothes (Hanbok) and learned how to wear it from a native. Curious? watch the highlight here:

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