I am a muscular gangster with a nice smile. I injured the Cookie Monster because i have a great body

I am a muscular gangster with a nice smile. I injured the Cookie Monster because i have a great body

You've opened it! You will have bad luck for four weeks! But, if you re-post this, You will get kissed by your crush on Friday! Re post as "I am a ...."

What color of shirt are you wearing? Red: Silly. Brown: Cute. Green: Gorgeous. Blue: Sexy. White: Muscular. Aqua: Freaky. Yellow: Innocent. Purple: Little TOO happy. Black/don't remember: EMO. Orange: Funny. Gray: Dumb. Pink: Preppy. Light pink: Sweaty. Multicolored: Tree- hugging. Other: Hot. None: Sexy beast. What kind of pants are you wearing? Skirt/Skort: llama. Corduroy: Cage fighter. Skinny jeans: Pothead. Shorts: Cheerleader. Ripped Jeans: Skater. Cammo: Hillbilly. Jean short shorts: Whore. Jeans: Prep. Cargo: Clown. Sweats/basketball shorts: Gangster. Booty shorts: Bum. Pajama Pants: Slut. Checkered: Taco lover. Nothing: Mother banger. What is your NATURAL hair color? Dark brown: With a hot boyfriend/ girlfriend. Auburn: With a broken heart. Red: With a hot butt. Black: With a nice smile. Dirty blond: With a hot body. Brown: With beautiful eyes. Blond: That flirts too much. Strawberry blond: That is to much to handle. Light brown: With amazing eyes. You opened it, now you have to complete it. Or something very bad will happen to your loved one. READY SET GO!! Pick The Month You Were Born In: 1. (jan) - I ran over. 2. (Feb) - I kicked. 3. (Mar)- I slapped. 4. (Apr) - I injured. 5. (May) - I ran shirtless with. 6. (June) - I modeled with. 7. (July) - I smoked with. 8. (Aug) - I ran with. 9. (Sept) - I kissed. 10. (Oct) - I robbed. 11. (Nov) - I hate. 12. (Dec) - I punched. Pick the day (number) you were born on: 1. Barack Obama. 2. Lil Wayne. 3. Michael Jackson. 4. Zac efron. 5. Nick Jonas. 6. Paris Hilton. 7. Madonna. 8. Miley Cyrus. 9. Lady Gaga. 10. Elmo. 11. Taylor Swift. 12. Spongebob Squarepants. 13. Soulja Boy. 14. Lil' Mama. 15. Katy Perry. 16. Britney Spears. 17. Ryan Sheckler. 18. Big Foot. 19. Randy Jackson. 20. Mariah Carey. 21. Colby O'donis. 22. The Black Eyed Peas. 23. Simon Cowell. 24. Flava Flav. 25. Chris Brown. 26. The Cookie Monster. 27. Akon. 28. Barney the Dinosaur. 29. Paris Hilton. 30. Ronald McDonald. 31. Jenifer Green wood. Pick the color of shirt you are wearing: None: Because I'm SEXY like that. Black: Because I love weed. Pink: Because I'm crazy like that. Turquoise: ​Because I like to snort cocaine. Brown: Because gummy bears raped me. Polka Dots: Because I'm a tranny. Purple: Because I'm gay. Grey: Because I like shoelaces. Yellow: Because I'm retarded. Green: Because I'm a pimp. Orange: Because I'm a mental retard. Red: Because I love sex. Blue: Because I have AMAZING boobs. Tye dye: Because I'm a fucking scuba diver. Graphic: Because that LOSER stole my taco. Coral: Because a dolphin took my baby. White: Because i have a great body.

am I a boy or what? -,-

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